House Rules

Welcome to Haunted Timber. I hope you enjoy your stay here.  Please pull up a chair, prop your feet up, and read to your heart’s content.  Feel free to comment wherever you like.  I encourage it.  Do keep in mind that I see this blog as being akin to sitting in my living room and having a chat with another person.  As I would in my own home, I expect my guests to be polite, respectful, and kind.  If you say something hateful to me and you aren’t someone I’ve previously shared a respectful friendship with, chances are, I’m going to show you the door.

Having said that, if you would like to comment on my blog, here are a few ground rules:

1. This is a moderated blog. I reserve the right to post only those comments I deem appropriate.

2. I expect people to remain civil with each other.  Engaging in personal attacks (such as calling another person delusional) will be moderated.

3. I will not tolerate bigotry or prejudice of any kind. I find such attitudes to be deeply triggering and I see them as generally harmful to society. If you are a racist, homophobe, misogynist, or bigot of any persuasion, don’t bother posting here. This includes those who express bigotry toward others based upon the targeted person’s religion or theism-related philosophy (for example: islamophobia, antisemitism, anti-theism, or prejudice against atheists and agnostics). I will not print your invective. If you really must share your hatred and you live within the US, I suggest that you go here to find a more welcoming gathering.

4. If you are not an ally of transgender people, do not bother to comment. You are not welcome here.

5. As a corollary of rules 2, 3 and 4, if your comment even hints of transphobia or cissexism, I won’t post it.

6. My identity as a woman is not up for debate. Period.

7. My right to coexist in the same spaces as cissexual women is not up for debate. Period.

8. While I often assume the role of providing information on transgender issues, ultimately, it is not my job to educate you. If it looks as though you are bogging down the flow of a comment thread with basic “Trans 101” concerns, I may choose to ban your participation in that thread. You have plenty of options in finding this information via other sources. Read through my old posts. Follow the various links in the sidebar and read the information available on those blogs and webpages. The more you read, the more you will learn. Also, Whipping Girl by Julia Serano is an excellent primer on transgender issues, albeit from a trans woman’s perspective. I don’t agree with everything she says, but reading her book will provide an excellent start. Last but not least, Google is your friend.

9. Goodnatured humor is both appreciated and encouraged.

10. Above all, be nice and have fun.  🙂

2 Responses to “House Rules”

  1. *grins* I found an open comments section. I would like to “borrow” a bit of an idea you posed and the phrase “agnostic Pagan”, please. I would like to use it in a post I’m writing. I ALWAYS ask before I do something like that. If you agree, would you like a site link inserted with the comment and/or to be named as the originator of that phrase. There is context and would be, in no way, disparaging.

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