What I’m Reading 5/30/11: Firefox & EDMD Edition

Hmmm. I haven’t spent much time around the old blog of late. It has been a weird time in my life. April marked the passing of a dear friend and his memorial services were held in mid-May. Consequently, I haven’t felt all that energetic about writing. To my friends on other blogs that I visit regularly: my apologies. I’ve been more than scarce.

Today, I want to relate my recent wanderings into two areas: drawing pictures of religious figures and toying around with web browsers. Er… They go together perfectly well, no?

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day came and went. If you’ve spent anytime reading my blog, you can probably guess that I’m not a fan of EDMD. The big, well populated atheist blogs were outwardly supportive of EDMD and they actively promoted the day once again.   Shortly after reading of their support, I spent a bit of time poking around, looking for alternative voices on this issue. I found several. I’ve linked to those voices bellow.

Draw Muhammad Day is a farce
Draw Muhammad Day Predictably Descends into Hate Fest
“Draw Mohammed Day” draws ire at SFU
Draw Muhammad Day Repost: If they mocked caricatures of the Virgin Mary in Arizona…
A Muslim Cartoonist on “Draw Muhammad Day”
Defending Free Speech Against Fundamentalist Islam?
“Draw Muhammad Day” is a stupid and destructive stunt
Draw Muhammad Day: Collectively Punishing Muslim Americans
Talk the Talk, Don’t Chalk the Chalk: Drawing a Divide With the “Draw Muhammad” Campaign

This issue has set my blood to boiling, by the way… Enough so, that I was rather uncivil with a bunch of folks on one of the larger atheist blogs. For me, this issue marks a permanent split with much of online atheism. I am done. Really done. I’ll be talking about this in greater detail during my next blog post.

Now, on to web browsers.  OK, maybe the title of this blog post should be What I’m Reading and Installing. I’ve been playing around with the newest version of Firefox a bit.  It’s version 4.  I rather like the new aesthetics and it’s also a bit faster than the previous version. As with any new version of Firefox, I always play around with new add-ons.  In case you don’t know, Firefox add-ons (or extensions) are small applications that you install within Firefox that enhance or add on to the web browser’s abilities. After a month or so of playing around, I think I’ve finally settled on my favorite add-ons:

Adblock Plus: removes ads on most webpages; particularly useful if you find that ads which blink and move are too distracting
Instant Fox: normally, Firefox lets a person type internet search terms directly into the address bar and then searches for these terms via the default search engine for your browser; this add-on enables a person to type searches directly into the address bar and use search engines other than the default search engine; typing a code letter before the search terms determines the search engine that is used
newTabURL: with this add-on, you can instruct Firefox to open new tabs to either a particular website (such as your homepage) or to the most recently copied web address
Sage: an RSS reader whose appearance is configurable via a CSS file; RSS links to your favorite blogs can be organized on the fly, via folders in your bookmarks; uses Firefox’s Live Bookmarks
Speed Dial: creates a “webpage” within Firefox that shows thumbnails/pictures for your favorite websites; the pictures can be grouped under separate categories by assigning each category to its own tab; just select the category by clicking on a tab, click on the thumbnail for the desired website, and off you go!
Status 4Evar: brings back the traditional status bar for Firefox 4 (which, for some reason, was retired when version 4 was released); allows one to configure the behavior of the status bar and the address bar
Statusbar Date: displays a highly configurable time and date display that appears on the status bar
Weather Watcher Live: displays current, daily, and hourly weather icons and a weather map within Firefox; highly configurable, including the option to use a weather map of your own choice (by supplying in the appropriate web address)
WikiLook: the most awesome dictionary definition look-up that I’ve ever encountered for Firefox; to retrieve a definition, just highlight the word in question and then hover your mouse pointer over the word; great aesthetics, too
Yet Another Smooth Scrolling: allows one to adjust the speed and movement of scrolling via the mouse wheel or arrow keys

(Some of these links take you directly to the programmer’s personal website.  You can also download each of these add-ons directly from Mozilla via this website.  Be aware that Mozilla’s website does not always have the most recent versions of add-ons.)

Happy motoring on the information super highway. Until next time…


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4 Responses to “What I’m Reading 5/30/11: Firefox & EDMD Edition”

  1. Hi just popped by wondering about you ..have not seen you in a while…and there you are saying you had a difficult time…I am sorry to hear that…sending you good thoughts for strength and imagination and my wishes of condolence for the loss of your friend.

  2. Hi jaqueline. Thanks for dropping by and checking in on me.

    I’m not entirely sure how to describe the experience. It was one of those situations where someone has been sick for a very long time and you feel a mix of gratitude/relief because they are no longer suffering, but you feel grief as well. It’s like breathing a sigh of relief and feeling deep sadness all at the same time. Human beings are such odd creatures. We are capable of feeling a multitude of conflicting feelings simultaneously.

    As I said… It has been weird.

  3. No need to apologize, lots of us in BlogSpace (myself included) disappear and reappear as needed. Condolences on your loss.

    “Drawing Muhammad” isn’t as bad as burning the Qur’an, but that’s about the most I can say for it.

  4. Hi allogenes. Thank you for the kind sentiments.

    After seeing some of the more prejudicial pictures that people drew of Muhammad (blithely presented on a major atheist blog, I might add), I’m not sure I can even rank which activity is worse. What I can say, is that both activities tend to attract a range of prejudiced fools of many stripes.

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