Quizzy Goodness: Religion, Spirituality, or Something Else

OK, I admit it: I like taking those wacky on-line quizzes that purport to delve into the deepest reaches of your psyche. Yay narcissism!

I just took the Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz and the Nontheistic Philosophies/Religions quiz. Here are my results:

Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz

Nontheistic Philosophies/Religions quiz

The first chart isn’t surprising except for the fact that Liberal Quaker ranked higher than Non-Theist and Neo-Pagan.  I love Quaker values, but they still believe in a god and so, that doesn’t quite work for me.

The second chart amuses the heck out of me.  Atheistic Paganism hits the top o’ the chart and honestly, I think that’s pretty accurate.  I’m a nature worshipin’,  tree-huggin’, atheist hippy… like, fer sure, dude.  Atheism a la American Atheists ranks at #14 and doesn’t even merit the tiniest sliver of green on the bar graph.  That certainly explains why I’m regularly annoyed with plain-wrapper atheists in the US dominated blogosphere.  The funny thing is, I’m an atheist and I’m a born and bred USian.  I guess I’m an odd bird.

Randism falls to the very bottom of the list.  That’s not surprising either, since I tend to lean toward socialism and consequently, I have found Randism to be a rather selfish belief system that seems to favor the interests of the moneyed elite.

OK, that’s enough navel gazing for now.  So, hey you five readers in my vast, expansive audience, where do you fall in the quizzy scheme of things?


~ by timberwraith on May 9, 2010.

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